Monday, February 19, 2007

Man vs Wild

By far one fo the best shows on tv. It is on the Discovery channel. It Features ex-British forces manly man "Bear Grylls" as he shows you how to survive if you are stranded in any extreme wild area with only a knife, canteen, flint and a few clothes.
My son Micah (6 years old) LOVES this show, if you know Micah, you know why he digs it...its rough, raw and dangerous.

Stuff you will see:
Glissading down a glacier at 50 mph.
Climbing down a glacial waterfall, doused with near freezing water.
Floating down a mountain stream, with no boat.
Climbing 100' up a tree, to survey the land.
Hunting rabbit with a throwing stick.
Attempting to mount a wild or escaped horse.
Soaking his head cover in his own urine to cool himself down in the desert.
Ripping the flesh from a dead zebra with his teeth.
Tyrolean traverse: Crawling over two ropes suspended above a deep chasm, with only improvised safety equipment (paracord wrapped around rope and secured to parachute harness).
Cracking a raven egg on tooth while hanging from cliff wall.
Drinking water directly squeezed from elephant dung.
Using a length of knotted rope, weighted down at one end with his pack, as a self arresting device to stop from falling down into a canyon (which he purposely jumped into to demonstrate the technique). He climbs back up the rope using Prussik loops. Alps episode.
Using a hammerstone to make a disc knife from flint. Rockies episode.

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Anonymous said...

I love this guy, I have watched a number of episodes and he is great!