Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It isn't enough to just have faith...-James 2:17.I love this picture and to me it captures a simplicity and joy that I long to walk in more and more. Faith without works is dead, James says. There are a lot of religious people that have faith but wouldn't or couldn't dance in the shallows. They are so concerned with the deep things of God that they have forgotten how to dance. My oldest daughter came into my room yesterday with a word from God for me: "Be Happy". I receive that word. Faith that doesn't result in a life that works is a dead faith...is your faith working? Posted by Hello

Monday, June 28, 2004

Destiny striking a pose. Posted by Hello

Ahhh, here I am with one of my favorite people in the world...Mellisa. This is at her wedding reception after I had the honor of marrying her and Jesse. Another round of youth getting married...I'm feeling old.  Posted by Hello

Out on the town... Posted by Hello

LeeElla, in the studio recording our 2nd Blaze worship Cd  Posted by Hello

Ah...a Washington strawberry and a good looking wife, nothing sweeter. Posted by Hello

Here's Austin, I think he was eating more than picking...  Posted by Hello

Alicia and Destiny...one's almost 17 and the other is turning 10, both in July. can you tell which is which? Yikes! Posted by Hello

Micah...what can I say, I call him "monkey butt" for a reson. Posted by Hello

The family went out to the farms and picked strawberries today. Posted by Hello
Black widows, broken noses and a dark curse...

Is this not the fast I have chosen?
...to not turn away from your own flesh and blood.
-Isaiah 58:6-7

Last night in Martin Hall Youth Detention Center, I was talking to a young man after the message I had preached on Zachaeus, the Notorious Sinner. His name was Ricky, a handsome, intelligent and painfully normal 16 year old kid.

He shared with me how he was in jail because he had broken his parole by fighting with some other teen that had threatened his girlfriend. He shared how he had a lot of anger and that it seemed to be something that he couldn't control. I pried a little more into his family history because the more I work in these facilities the more clear it becomes that most of these kids are the fruit of a bad tree.

Sure enough, he was adopted out of a drug home and moved into a home with a loving but weak father and a battle axe of a mother. A woman with a rattlesnake temper. A poisonous tongue and disposition like a blackwidow. A prize fighter fist that was her main weapon of choice after verbal lashings.

His nose had been broken 8 times.

His lips, face and eyebrows were scarred from doors, hands, and whatever else...

He shared how his dad would cower in his hands at the dinner table as she would rant and rave and spew her destructive criticisms, threats and attacks.

As Ricky was sharing, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed at the challenges young people face at the hands of their own flesh and blood today.

We are living in the curse of Malachi 4:5 that states that if the hearts of the fathers do not turn to their children and the children's hearts don't turn to their fathers, than the land will become struck with a curse.

I felt that dark curse last night.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Virtual War Hammer

The Lord says, you are my hammer, my weapon of war.
With you I shatter nations and destroy kingdoms...
-Is. 51:20

Let these false prophets tell their dreams,
but let my true messengers faithfully proclaim my every word.
There is a difference between chaff and wheat!
Does not my word burn like fire?" asks the LORD.
Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes rock to pieces?
-Jeremiah 23:28-29

I recently returned to Habbo Hotel, a virtual interactive community environment on the web.

I have not been to the room I created in a long time. When I went in my virtual room, there on the wall was a Hammer. With all the spiritual stuff surrounding "the hammer of God" lately, I found that image on the wall to be very confirming. Years ago, I decorated that wall with no other thought than, it looked cool. Now when I walked in, it had a whole new meaning. I know that sounds kind of hyper spiritual but hey, it was strange to see.

If you want to visit the room, go to the site and create a virtual person and go to the "gzyouthchurch" guest room.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Please pray again...

Then he prayed again...
and the sky poured rain
and the earth produced its fruit
-James 5:18

I think most of the challenge of the life in the spirit is the battle to simply...pray again.

Living in the truth and the knowledge that rain will come and the earth will once again bear its fruit is a hard discipline. The fact that the means and the ends are both connected to the simple yet monumental challenge of continued prayer is a mystery but not one that can't be grasped. We are called to become the instruments, the channels, the embodiment of God's work on the earth.

"The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available––dynamic in its working."
-(Amplified version, James 5:16)

This verse has been my transformation crucible.
It's testing fire has formed my inner life
and fueled the outliving work.
In it lies the power to break and make a man.
It's a grave and an open door.
It's a light that exposes the heart's true motives.
It's a tree of life whose leaves and fruit brings healing to the nations.

Theodore Epp observed,
"Once a man is satisfied that he is in the center of God's plan and God is working out His will through him, that man is invincible."

Go...you are invincible.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women." -Conan the barbarian
LOL...that line makes me laugh out loud!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Kill and Eat

There are doors waiting to be walked through right now, The Lord needs prayerful, heart soft, open-minded, spirit-filled men and women. He needs those that are open to many different animals and a willingness to embrace all creatures that God might bring to our house (read Acts 10:9-23).

In order to move to the next level of ministry and fruitfulness there needs to be a greater vision of what God wants to give you. Like Peter's vision, God has a sheet full of wild and unusual animals that He desires you to connect with. You must be willing to leave your comfort zone, let go of some of your cultural limitations, be willing to go to new places with new people, you must learn to "kill and eat." Or you might sweep the opportunity aside and stay within your comfort zone...spiritually and culturally.

I am praying for greater faith and a more daring response to the visions and dreams that the Lord will grant us as we devote ourselves to prayer. Let us go to the roof tops and pray. 

Friday, June 18, 2004

The YWAM "Foolish Things Cafe" where you can find Jesus, eat a dang good broodjie and drink a good Dutch beer! Only in Amsterdam! Posted by Hello

All of us in Den Hagg on the Alpha Weekend at Judith's place. Judith you are an amazing young woman...don't ever settle for anything less than God's best. You are an Esther woman, who has been born for such a time as this! Thanks again for all you did. Posted by Hello

Esther and Rikk. What can I say, Esther you were a tough one to crack but once you opened up, it was a beautiful thing...I still think you have a prophetic gift. You're a beautiful person, inside and out, I hope you know that. Rikk your smile in worship was like seeing the face of Moses. You shine bro! I've never met a more gentle soul and a more loving man. Watching you play the drums that Sunday night at your church was pure worship. You are a treasure. Posted by Hello

Maxime and Christa preparing to lead us in a night time dance of worship. Simple songs, simple hearts and a evening of heaven kissing earth. Maxime you led us like King David would have, pure and with passion. You truly have a heart of worship and I like your rock and roll as well!  Posted by Hello

Christa on the left, is my first Dutch friend. You are truly an amazing woman of God and a true sister. You are the "man of peace" Matthew 10:11. the city has opened to me because of you.You are a blessing from heaven..long live the camel face! Samoan is on the right. Wow you are one of the funniest Canadians I have ever met...I enjoyed your laugh, keep smiling.
And you come from a church that you shouldn't be ashamed of...prophets rock girl! Don't despise prophesy. I know you don't but sometimes other people cause us to hide our light because they can't handle the fire of the flame. Let it burn wild woman, let it burn! Posted by Hello

A view from my YWAM room overlooking the Amsterdam central station. There was nothing as powerful as worshipping to "Fire" by Switchfoot while looking out over the people of Amsterdam. What a blessing this free room was...thank you Bart and Maike, you two are heros in my book. Thanks for the great dinner and all the love!
 Posted by Hello

Anja on the left was our feisty guide in Oslo for two days. I met her on a ministry trip four years ago during a youth meeting at Christa's (on the right) youth church in Amsterdam. I told Anja that someday I would be in Norway, I just didn't know when. We prayed and God set the date. You rock girl...HEAD DOWN!!! Posted by Hello

Playing a little Mario Kart 2, Christian fellowship in any language! You gotta luv it. Posted by Hello

Here's where it all happens on the streets, in the cafes...out in the world. Nothing is as exciting as serving Jesus. I would of never believed the places God would take me when He came into my life at 15. His mercy, grace and favor is simply overwhelming, God you are so good! You are the greatest of all dreamers and I live to dream Your dreams.  Posted by Hello

The harbor in Oslo. Simply beautiful. I could almost hear the history on the winds of the sea. I pray a new generation of spiritual vikings will once again launch from these shores with a zeal to extend the dominion of God in the nations. Never have I felt more at home in a nations history and mythology...all of which is a shadow yearning for the true One who holds the hammer of truth and has eyes that blaze with fire and a tattooed leg declaring "King of kings and Lord of lords". He wears wild white hair and a sword emerges from his mouth. His legs are burnished bronze for He walks through the fires of time and suffering. He is a God of war and He wars after the hearts of Norwegians. Posted by Hello

This great tiger greets you when you come out of the Oslo, Norway central station. It captured the spirit of the people that I encountered. Words cannot express the prophetic stirring I received while spending a few days in Norway. God has an amazing plan unfolding there! I wear the hammer around my neck as a prophetic symbol of all God has for you. Arise Hammer of God arise!!! Posted by Hello

Jeremy Isom and his little angel, Zayne. Hey Zayne thanks for letting me sleep in your room...I dig your bed! Jeremy, you are an amazing man of God, our talks were worth my trip. I love you bro!  Posted by Hello

Aart, is my new dutch brother...God broke the mold when he made you. You are the living expression of Acts17:11, I am honored to have met you and pray for you my friend. Here he is in the YWAM "Foolish Things Cafe" in Amsterdam. Posted by Hello

Here are some of the most cool people you could meet from Amsterdam, Holland. You all have a special place in my heart. Thank you for an awesome weekend of ministry, laughs and holy moments.
 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Here is "Kona" our latest member to the Blauer family. She is a black lab and as sweet as honey! Good choice fam, since I was away in Europe when they bought her! Posted by Hello