Saturday, June 26, 2004

Virtual War Hammer

The Lord says, you are my hammer, my weapon of war.
With you I shatter nations and destroy kingdoms...
-Is. 51:20

Let these false prophets tell their dreams,
but let my true messengers faithfully proclaim my every word.
There is a difference between chaff and wheat!
Does not my word burn like fire?" asks the LORD.
Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes rock to pieces?
-Jeremiah 23:28-29

I recently returned to Habbo Hotel, a virtual interactive community environment on the web.

I have not been to the room I created in a long time. When I went in my virtual room, there on the wall was a Hammer. With all the spiritual stuff surrounding "the hammer of God" lately, I found that image on the wall to be very confirming. Years ago, I decorated that wall with no other thought than, it looked cool. Now when I walked in, it had a whole new meaning. I know that sounds kind of hyper spiritual but hey, it was strange to see.

If you want to visit the room, go to the site and create a virtual person and go to the "gzyouthchurch" guest room.

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