Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Holy tears, the spirit and the father's love...

I really can't put into words how much the lord has blesses me this trip. It has been a whirlwind tour, I have hardly had much time to myself at all, which is really different.

Christa has served me and help put together a trip that went beyond my expectations. Arranging housing, meetings, retreat, lunches, dinners and travel...she has been amazing. It is awesome to see how the Lord has taken that first meeting years ago in a church service here in Amsterdam and turned it into a door of ministry and friendship in this city.

I have had soooo many deep talks, so much heart to heart stuff that at times I am left feeling completely depleted. The questions here are so deep and there are so many people struggling with purpose and many that know about God but are starving to experience Him.

Here is a glimpse at some of my most treasured moments:

Ministering about the power and person of the holy spirit at the retreat for three power packed but gentle times of teaching. Seeing the Lord move by His power and love and melt resistant hearts and break in on them and bring them to tears. Seeing relationships being restored and sons reaching out to a loveless father and mother. Seeing Dutch minds grapple with the mysterious ministry of the Holy spirit has been awesome. They are so logical and critical thinkers but they are desperate for love too.

Seeing a young Dutch woman weep tears of gratefulness as I ministered a word of encouragement and helped her see her gifts that had been in operation all weekend but she had never had them recognized. Watching those tears spill over her cheeks as we drove through Holland was so holy. He truly binds up the broken hearted.

The conversation with a Dutch girl who was not a Christian, she kept asking questions, more and more and more...my testimony, my work at martin hall, my doubts and about other faiths, my family, Alicia, on and on she kept soaking it all in.

Sitting in a cafe 11 floors up in the sky cafe, gazing over all of Amsterdam on a cloudless day, while I ministered destiny, purpose and the fathers tender love to a dear Dutch young man that has quickly become a friend. Seeing his hungry and searching soul in those pericing eyes, as clear and deep as the skyline behind him. Holy moments in beautiful places.

Deep talks with missionaries, the kind of talks that if you only had just that one...it was worth the whole trip.

Friendships with Dutch people finally...I can't tell you how precious that has been. A card from those that participated in the retreat...wow, the words written in it were soooooooo precious to me. Their expressions of love and thankfulness were worth more than gold.

Worshiping God in my room overlooking central station and the masses of souls that need Jesus...man, words can not contain the depth of tender love and passionate embrace that came from the father's heart and out of my soul...

There is so much more but I have to catch a plane to Norway for the next part of this adventure. God has opened amazing doors and answers to prayer that have long been prayed. He is a faithful God that goes beyond anything we could "dare ask". What an amazing God!


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