Thursday, June 10, 2004


Last day in Norway...

What a place, Oslo is quite a city and the Norwegian are intelligent, handsome & beautiful, high tech, industrious and obviously prosperous but the one thing that has been painfully absent is faith. I have yet to encounter a witness for Christ in my excursions around the city. Even in Amsterdam I have found that!

In a land that has a striking and powerful mythological history, you would think that a strong presence of Jesus would be encountered.

The city is full of testimony to the Vikings's conquests, strength, courage, adventure and mythology. It's in everything, it pulses in the air and is smelled on the salty winds. The sea, the harbor, the sail boats, the thick stone, the gushing fountains and countless statues with their faces to the heavens.
The place is waiting as much as it is remembering.

It's strange how the Scandinavian countries have been a region that produces the majority of black metal, a hard core, often satanic, nihilistic music genre that is loud, dark and turbulent. It's massively popular here and I can't help but wonder at the roots of such fascination and focus. What historical ground does such a message rise from? What is behind a generations voice that contains such melancholy and dark spiritual matter. Why the hatred of Christianity and faith?

This region is ripe for a strong community of prophets and apostolic people who have fire in their blood. This is a place where the spirit and power of Elijah needs to be released. Jesus prophesied that before the great and terrible day of the Lord the spirit of Elijah would be active and I sense that need here.

The Norwegian don't need a gentle, soft, feminine dominated expression of Faith. Not a balanced, predictable, tame palatable spirit. They don't need nice little quiet times, inspiration music, pastels, veggie tales and frilly bible covers.

They need something raw, virile, potent and wild.
They need men in goat skins who eat insects.
They cry for blood, fire and smoke and One whose feet are burnished bronze, a Deity who walks in the furnace of fires.
They need a God who has eyes that smolder and burn with holy flames.
They need a Lord who has a two edged sword in His mouth.
They need a tattooed God, whose legs bear the tribal markings of "Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords".

This people need spiritual Vikings that will stir up the God given spirit of dominion in their blood. They need those who can blow the spiritual horn of war that will awaken a long silent voice of spiritual conquest and vengeance.

They need the prophetic voice of God to summon a generation out of meaningless hedonistic pursuits and sacrifice all on the cause of Christ.

There is a hammer of God for this nation and it's clarion call can be heard for those that have ears to hear.
Not the mere hammer of a shadow myth named Thor but the Hammer of God's mighty WORD. A HAMMER OF THUNDER that contains the eternal voice of God almighty that smashes hard hearts and demolishes the sinful prisons and shackles of bondage.

My spirit weeps for such a generation to arise here, for such adventures, wild men and women to launch again from these shores. I know they are here, I sense their drum beating hearts in the ground as I walk these streets. I feel the breath of prophesy on the winds of the sea as they blow on my face. My prayers mingle with the wind of God and blow on the embers of destiny in this nation...


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