Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The land of the Vikings

Well, I made it to the land of the Vikings and I love it already. Oslo, Norway is a lot like a big city in the USA and its not. Norway is beautiful, rolling hills, deep green forests, tons of water, fjords and clean air..finally.

Oslo is a very clean, slick and modern city with a very Icelandic flare. Huge fountains, giant statues a lot of women statues so far, everyone of them is nude so a lot of breasts in this city...strange indeed, even on the advertisements, which was a bit surprising since that isn't even the case in Amsterdam.

There are lots of parks, and American restaurants (which isn't the case in Amsterdam). The people are beautiful, tan skin, dark hair and real blue eyes. The men are tall and big like me...Vikings are large...not fat, but big, I finally fit in :)

We are being escorted around by a friend named Anja. She is 25, Norwegian and an artist from a small town in Norway. She loves God and has a wicked sense of humor, a tough chick.

Today, we take a ferry across a fjord and visit an Island that has a Viking museum and a bunch of tourist sights, castle, etc...

It's a beautiful day here, so it should be a great day for pictures. It's nice to slow down and recoup after such a busy trip, I think the sea and the air will do me some good.

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