Friday, June 11, 2004

Open the door...

Last Day in Europe.

My heart and spirit are so full right now, as I prepare to say goodbye to this region of the world. The need here is so immense...the lost souls, the weakness that seems to permeate so many conversations that I hear.

The very Spirit that so many shun, question and seek to keep controlled is the very One that offers the power needed to prevail, prosper and penetrate the very culture that needs touched. I am mystified that many seem to shy away from the very source that contains the antidote to the ailments that plague their spiritual momentum!

Don't get me wrong, there are many amazing workers and churches here that are doing an awesome work but there are more that are languishing in irrelevance. There is much here that has a form of godliness but denies the power...but that will change.

Potential is the word of the hour here. So much potential, I just pray that it will be activated. There are great victories awaiting those who will dare to believe and allow the Holy Spirit to move freely, powerfully and unexpectedly. He is a wind of truth and activity not a mountain.

I pray, no, I weep and plead that you will open up your sails to the possibilities that the wind of God desires to move you towards. Embrace His unexplainable ways, His mystery, His wildness. Open up your sepulchers and let the breath of Life breathe upon your dry bones again. Open up your ears and listen for the pleadings of your heavenly bridegroom calling you from your comfortable bed chamber. Abandon the comforts and excuses of cleanliness and feigned holiness and get your feet dirty following God again. Can't you hear his voice calling you? Can't you see His hand extended through the opening in the door that you have closed and locked. His hand is on the bolt...beckoning you to arise and come out into the night of the unknown walk. You will have to leave your security, your familiar...your bed. But sleep is all it has given you anyway and though you are asleep...your heart is awake and it longs for more.

I pray that fiery rain will fall again, voices will be baptized with heavenly songs again.

It is time...

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