Sunday, May 23, 2004

No Man hands

"Is that your minister in immaculate broadcloth and shiny boots, turning the leaves of his Bible with lily-fingers? Pardon me that I did not recognize him. You see I have been reading of John the Baptist with his raiment of camel's hair, of Christ with his single garment, tramping barefoot, unshaven and unshorn over Judea's blazing hills."
- Brann's "Iconoclast"

One of the most humiliating moments of my life...

There was a woman leader I had in a youth ministry I used to lead that had a serious infatuation with me. She had discussed her problem with my wife and I and we had known about it for a while. it was a strange and awkward thing because she was married and we were all pretty close. I wasn't sure what the answer to the problem was going to be.

Then one day after a service we were all closing in prayer and she was next to me on one side and held my hand. I didn't think much about it but later that year she confessed something.

She said the spell had been broken.
What was it that shook her from her madness?
Holding my hand.
She said it was a weak and lilty hand, feeble not strong.
It turned her off.

Well, problem solved for her...but not for me.
That one comment was like a blow from Thor's hammer upon my poor fragile ego...I didn't have man hands...Arghhhhhhh!

I was spiritual, bible bred, could converse, discuss, think and debate. I could write, sing, play guitar and preach with passion. I was visionary, insightful, caring, loving and in touch with my feelings.

But...I didn't have man hands.

The church had taught me how to connect with spirit but not with earth.

As we explore the path ahead for this Saturday night service, one of the things I know one thing I long to see. It's a place where men can learn to be men and be spiritual too. Not a feminized man...not a metro-sexual but a godly MAN. Not a He-man girl hating club but a balanced man friendly environment.

Rom 10:15. "How beautiful are the feet of those that preach the gospel of Peace."


Macro Guy said...

That is equally hilarious and instructive - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

She fell "in love" with your passion for God but didn't understand how to separate the flesh from the Spirit.

She had cried and begged God to take that seed of infatuation from her (months to be exact). And, finally, He did. He showed her that you were flesh. Only flesh. Though God used your hands for reference, it was more a reference of the fact that you could not rescue her from her unhappiness. Your hands weren't made to do it, but His were.