Thursday, May 13, 2004

A real pest


"For we have found this man a real pest
and a fellow who stirs up dissension
among all the Jews throughout the world,
and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes."
-Acts 24:5

LOL what a reputation! Not something you would want to add to your ministry history resume. Oh to hang out with such people...know any?

They are wild people...they eat strange stuff that others wouldn't find a meal within...grasshopper poppers.

They can extract a message out of life not the other way around.
Their voice is often found in desolate places not palaces and temples.

They wear odd things...skins and such. You can easily mistake them for a madman if you are not attune to the voice within the voice that is crying. They often are mistaken for drunkards, blasphemers, sinners and compromisers.

They are hairy people...they haven't had the wildness shaved off.
They are earthy people, friends of dirt, rock, water and wind.
They find a way to bring people back to the feel it, taste it and be submerged in it again. They are at home in deserts and have to be sought out...they don't advertise.

They are not safe.

They have away of messing up the status quo and leaving you scratching your head.
They are often on the move or being moved on.
They don't fit in to well...they stand out and that often means they are easy targets for the tongue waggers.

They often lose their heads.