Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Seeds planted...

Mustard-Seed Ministries was here with us for almost 2 weeks, they left today to continue their cross-country ministry trip to and among the poor and marginalized in various cities through out the USA. 2 vegi-powerd RV's and a lot of faith makes for an exciting but challenging journey. While they were here, they camped out in our parking lot, hosted a neighborhood breakfast, passed our delicious sandwiches to the homeless under the bridge downtown, visited a women's shelter, extended hospitality to our neighborhood refugees from Burma with music, movies, goodies and sidewalk chalk as well as chairs and lots of love from the pooch. They provided music and cookies and free drinks to the hot bus travelers on the corner and the many people that traverse this neighborhood on foot, they made friends with people in our church with dinners, swim parties and fellowship. They helped organize and clean out and up our Sharing Shack for the resettlement ministry to the refugees and Tim help LeeElla by covering for our guitarist in worship on this last Sunday. So...basically, they moved into our neighborhood and loved on all of us for a few weeks...and we are al the better for it. Oh and Andy and Tim and Andy's brother joined us for UFC 86...for a little MMA madness on pay per view. All in all, a huge thank you to you all for your ministry and lives. You can see pictures here.
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