Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Go play...?

School was let out on June 14th...so far, the Playstation 2 & the Nintendo DS have been broken, the brand new Indiana Jones Nintendo DS game that I rented for Micah was left out of the case and Kona chewed it up. The curtain and the rod have been torn out of the wall. The beautiful plants I dug up at another house and replanted in my yard were attacked by marauding orcs at play and there on the road lay my slain raspberry bush and chopped and hacked lie my little Lilac tree.

Yesterday my toilet over flowed for no reason, which happened last month but also flooded my basement which cost me hundreds of dollars. This time toilet overflowed but nothing else happened, we got the plumber out here and found out that my youngest son had filled one of the washout pipes with rocks, a large stick and dirt...so the plumbing problems were the result of saying "Go outside and Play!". So thanks to my friend who came over and helped me dig out all the crap in the pipe, we got the clog free....$200 later.

In the end...I guess, I will just tell my kids to sit down and watch tv...all summer...at least I wont go crazy, kill someone or end up in the poor house.
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