Thursday, October 29, 2009

Am I....Hot or Not...?

I get the "Hot or Not" and "Rate a Hottie" stuff...but I find the whole thing an objectifying act that degrades women and helps erode the dignity of a woman or man. Reducing them to a number that speaks only to the physical aspects of terribly juvenile. Establishing a visual sorting of prospective people only strengthens the very aspects of our culture that breeds a host of societal ills. I work with enough women and even men, who are struggling with body hate, image idolatry, physiological self harm and for some near body focus know this stuff is viral.

Starving oneself, gaging on fingers until lunch is thrown up, bingeing and purging, over the top-exercise addiction, superficial relationships that focus on sexual needs alone, chronic self-sex, financial insecurity or immaturity due to an addiction to the yo-yo fashion industry that is built on economics not true creating a culture of consumption that is based on inflicting the masses with a constant state of discontent.

The Systems of this World...want you to be a sucker.

They want your money and they have built a "Matrix" like world that starts from childhood and matures with each generation. It's forced on us, (oh so willingly) in-order to control us, shape us, steal from us and hold us in it's economic and psychological grip.

I hold these Powers guilty...when our 16 year old daughters are gang raped, videoed and left for dead.

The sexualizing of our youth...the predatory nature of most media, entertainment and the overt social conditioning going on is nurturing a dangerous beast that will slay from without and within.

Biblically, sin starts within: "Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death." -James 1:18. And our culture is providing amble amounts of tinder box material, just waiting for a spark. You cannot turn on the computer, TV, movies, magazines, books, soap ads, clothing stores, toys, church, work...basically anywhere and not get a dose of mammary glands or buddy buttocks in your face.

Is it any wonder that Pornography addiction counseling makes up a pastors regular subject matter with singles and married?


Dave Jones said...

"The Systems of this World...want you to be a sucker."

Man...that sums it up right there.

Anonymous said...

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