Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Stop looking for it, and become it...

"Throw out all the rules as we perceive them. If you're not being taken to the next level with what's in front of you, refuse to wait for someone else to model what's going to connect you to the Father. Go to the source. And when you come back from the well, please, share the life-giving water with the rest of us. We're thirsty."
-Adrienne Gray (From article called: Where has all the worship gone? at Relevant magazine

I read this online today and that paragraph shouted at me.
It's both a call and a conviction to me.
Am I living at the well myself or off of someone else's spiritual breast?
Am I willing to "go to the next level" if I am not being 'taken there"?
Am I 'waiting for someone else to model for me"?

I remember a word from the Lord to me, that was given at a time when I was extremely frustrated with the lack of spiritual fathering within churches; the word was: "Stop looking for it and become it".

I think that word speaks now as well...

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