Thursday, November 03, 2005

I am taking a month off from most of my duties at the church to spend some time healing. I have been in a really tough place for a while and finally just pulled the emergency brake on my life. I need time to catch my breath, come up for air, focus my eyes again and try to reconnect with Gods vision for our lives.
Everything is on the table, the etcha-sketch is being shaken and its time to press the pause button on all the drama, chaos and emotional tornados that have been touching down almost daily around here. It was tough to just cry uncle...but I had to do it. Please pray for me, my family that we would be able to get still enough to hear the whisper again in all the storm.
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Anonymous said...

Dad and I were talking about this tonight. One thing I said that I might say to you is: after being under so much pressure from my move back, I might think long and hard before I make waves so large the next time. I'm not saying coming back was a mistake, but it was not without serious reprecussions and I didn't let that come into my vision of what coming back was going to be like. I hope that makes sense. I pray God gives you clear vision. -Matt