Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm sorry you have no mission....

In high school (youth group), you were baby sat, entertained, shamed, taught how to be "nice," kept busy with lots of programs, told not to sin--(sex, porn, getting drunk, having long hair), you went on 10-day missions trip to Jamaica over Christmas, but you were never given a picture for your role in the mission of God to redeem His world. Your faith has been totally undermined by a Christianity of privitization: you and Jesus. You were given the monastic vision of Christianity as a life of personal piety alone, raised to live in the Christian ghetto where it's safe

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Anonymous said...

Kingdom living is much harder and yet much easier than living life in the monestary... Rather than a life of piety and solitude, you have to learn to embrace venerability and freedom- God's gift that is so difficult to accept. Living life uterly honestly and completely in the world is not what the church currently teaches its young to do, but it is exactly what Jesus did. We only see him going to the temple documented in the bible to teach or to tear things up- He spent the whole rest of his being with the people and with his Father.