Monday, March 05, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

pans labyrinth
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Saw this film yesterday and have to say, this dude was the creepiest creature I have seen in a long time. I am not into horror or fright films at all and this gangly, bloody, skin dangling, fairy chomping nightmare on two awkward legs was enough o make me grip my chair! Yikes! Don't let your kids near this film!

But, it is worth seeing in my opinion, though not at the theater. I could have enjoyed it on my big screen at home just as well.

It is violent in parts, I mean brutally graphic. Not gory or grotesque but shockingly violent. The main bad dude of the film is a nazi like figure.
He likes smashing in noses and point blank shots into wounded opponents. You want this guy to die, fairly quickly after you meet him in the movie.

It's a fairy tale story set in war time. Its spanish with english subtitles.
The female child lead, is amazing. The story is rich and the fantasy elements are original and well done.

The movies message is deep and worth unpacking. Human depravity, the power of faith, sacrifice, redemption in blood, a father who is trying to make a way to be reunited with his child, two worlds, an unseen one and a real one that exist at the same time and interact but only some can see, a book that must be read followed and obeyed, A guide who helps the child return from this world to the next, life and death and conflict as necessary for growth and passage to the next life, the futility of trying to ward off death or act as if it wont happen, the struggle of a son and his fathers death, on and on it goes. This movie is packed with discussion points for sure.

I liked it but be part has a man sewing up his made my butt pucker!

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Michael McMullen said...

The main nazi dude sure had me in stiches! Get it...stiches...because...of the scene...

That joke was totally funny on the bus this morning.