Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 Poets worth hearing...

In the beginning was the word and...
It brings...communion.
It's full of....Divinity.
Pregnant....with creation and a thousand dawns.
Ever is life.
An eternal light...that illuminates the souls of men.
A which you can see or become blind.
(A reshuffling of John 1:1-5)

Warning: These poets have something to say and they say it raw, earthy and from the street and its bloody, painful and in your face. Some of it is so deep that you might drown. I hope you do.

Suheir Hammad
We spent 4th of July in bed
Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic

Black Ice
Part One
Part Two

Oscar Brown
Children of Children
I Apologize

Def Jam

Taylor Mali
What Teachers Make


Michael McMullen said...

Dude, Black Ice was electric. I had shivers by the end of Part Two.

Unknown said...

Yes...I was so moved by his message...granted it was hard core but it was absolute truth telling and it was as you put it 'electrifying" indeed. Dare I say prophetic? I felt like his words had thunder and lightning in them. I know some people will have a problem with the language and subject matter but this is where people live...profanity and all. If ever there was an argument for the difference between profanity and cursing...this showed the difference, at least to me. Either way...I would pay money to hear this poet speak...been a long time since I said that.

FCB said...

Okay, I'm blown away. Obviously I live in a bubble and have no idea about true preaching. I'm still choking back emotion from the inspiration and admiration of Taylor Mali's piece. Can't wait to share it with my teen grandkids.
Now, Black Ice, whew! This guy is something. I had to listen to both parts twice to get the main theme. At first I was distracted by the language but heard enough to replay and truly listen to his full strength admonitions. This is potent stuff to me, but I wonder if it isn't everyday language and attitude for many young kids today. I'm oblivious to it in my sanitized little world, but if what I see on the news and all the mediums of communication is half as bad as it is, then these are the modern day prophets. I'll have to wait till later to listen to Suheir Hammand, my internet filter began buzzing and blazing when I clicked on the link, ironic huh.
Love Dad

Michael McMullen said...

Yes, Taylor Mali was also very emotional for me. I'd like to play that clip for all of my high school teachers.

Anonymous said...

If that was a race, Black Ice won. I watched some of his other clips and he is consistently on. Makes you stand up and get on your knees at the same time... -Matt