Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BSG Season 4...

I finally was able to watch my recorded season opener of twig fix was oh so delightfully satiated. The whole Baltar messiah thingy is weird, I wonder where they are going with this plot line. He prayed to the 'One true God" for a boy in the episode and he was healed. Of course the mixing of sexuality and spirituality is problematic...spirituality is now hot and sexy I guess. One of my problems with the show is the blatant sexism of only having pretty chicks being all over the Galatica not to mention the Cylon vixens. The obnoxious playing to the demographic is so juvenile. But other than that the show is a mature look at contemporary issues with great acting and amazing special effects. It's not a show for the kiddies or anyone who is not comfortable with PG-13 or almost R type movies the subject matter is adult in both intensity and life situations.

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