Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What a day...

Ok, the day starts with taking my car to the find out why the engine is running bad, the engine light is on and it wont go into a higher gear. Bingo...problem with hoses into radiator and transmission. Next...long convo with Micah's teacher, heavy, slightly challenging, emotionally draining...afternoon, big counseling session....emotionally draining. basement flood.JPGThen I receive frantic phone call from Christian at home, "Dad, there's two inches of sewage water in the basement!". Go home...yep the sewer pipe overflowed onto our basement floor...destroying everyhting that was sitting in the mess: 3 air conditionars, all our luggage, video games and system, keyboard, clothing items, Christians coat and various other little things. Call the plumber, he snakes it out but informs us that it appears that there is some "issue" in there that we will have to get a camera out her to find out what is going on. He leaves, with his $150 bucks...I slop up sewage for an hour or so...LeeElla cleans, mops and steam cleans the caprpets where poo feet walked through the house.You ever have one of those days that literally sucks and stinks? Yesterday ranks up there pretty high on my suck list.
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