Monday, April 14, 2008

Christianized Militarism...

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"Having found the atomic bomb, we have used it. We shall continue to use it...It is an awful responsibility which has come to us. We thank God that it (the atomic bomb) has come to us instead of to our ememies and we pray that he may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes." -President Harry Truman, after dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Jan. 9th, 1945 (quote from Jesus for President)

I am currently reading "Jesus for President" and throughly enjoying the engaging and thought provoking material. I find the quote troubling as a follower of the Prince of Peace and the One who will eventually burn in fire every "warrior's boot used in battle ad every garment rolled in blood" (Isaiah 9:2-7). I encourage you to read the book if you find yourself struggling with where faith and politics merge.

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Thanks for your blog post about Jesus for President! I just wanted to let you know there are 2 videos of Shane speaking about Jesus for President, plus audio clips, visuals, and a blog tour at this link:

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