Monday, June 09, 2008

Destiny's Show on June 6th

Destiny is my 13 year old daughter, you can visit her music site at Red Letter Catastrophe (


Anonymous said...

Well done! Again wish we could have been there. How did she feel about it? -Matt

FCB said...

Yes! Well done Destiny! Did she write each of those songs? What a great forum for budding artists.
Thirteen, man, her hard work and endless practice has really paid off.
Sing on Destiny!
Love Grandpa Fred

Unknown said...

Yes, Destiny writes and arranges all her own music.

She felt good about the show...she sold the most tickets so she got first spot in the show, obviously it was her first gig so there is lots of time to improve but all in all she did awesome. In a place that's an all age venue with a bar, she got all kinds in the room and we heard a lot of great comments. The promoter said that she had many people say good stuff around her about Destiny's performance.

Michael McMullen said...

I asked for her autograph, but she shot me down. Humility is a trait often lost in the arts. To see someone mature in talent and humility beyond her years is something to be admired.

Good job Destiny.

Good job mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I finally got to hear her. She sounds so grown up. Are my kids really going to grow up as fast as she did.

She has a voice like an angle just like her mama.

Anonymous said...

Opps, and angel, not an angle. so much for proof reading...

MaryMGlynn said...

Eric her voice is beautiful. I am finally on to listen to it. My whole computer crashed and I ended up getting a new one. LOLOL Anyway your daughter is just beautiful. Great job Destiny! I am a fan now!