Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning...

Spring cleaning was taking place in full force on our church block. With a bunch of people, we were able to mow, hedge, blow, power-wash, clean, hang and basically get the block looking really sweet for our upcoming Basket Ball Vacation Bible School outreach this week. Micah got to man the power-washer and help prep the building for next weekends painting. We are going to finally get rid of the Barn red and help make our facilities more of a asset than an eye sore.
Chris and Wes tackled the real hard work of cleaning off the years of grime. As we were cleaning, a guy from a local ECO-Friendly company was driving by and stopped and asked us if we were going to paint the building. We said yes and he told us about a great deal they have on recycled paint through his company for $10 a gallon with a 5 year warranty, so looks like a possible good deal and another way to save some cash.
In this neighborhood there is always lots to clean is Linda and Rob tackling a pile of garbage in the back of the building. Many hands make light work...or at least a bit lighter.

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