Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jacob's Well's Summer BasketBall Camp

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Our churches summer B-Ball outreach for kids is in full swing this week. Our fantastic kids ministry team are putting on a great VBS like program that includes Basketball and various sports themed sessions in a 15 minute rotation through out the evening.
We had about 60 kids total go through the camp last year, this year we had over 50 the very first night! It's slow work around here but the ground is yielding up good fruit under the faithful leadership of Bill and Sue our Kid's ministry leaders at Jacob's Well. Their love for God and children, creative ideas and persistent, spiritual leadership have been such a blessing to our church and this community over the years of service here in Spokane. They have labored diligently at a couple other churches over the many years and we are blessed to have them on our team.
One of the great things to watch each night is the way the volunteers love and encourage each kid, some who have never even played basketball. We have some great people who pour out their time and energy into these wonderful children who deserve to be lifted higher by the adults around them. The outreach is a mix of help from all kinds of gifts like cookie makers, juice pourers, Band aid placers, story and song leaders, coaches and drill leaders and of course cheering parents. With positive attitudes, loads of praise and a hug these kids will go home having enjoyed themselves, learned some skills and been creatively exposed to the truth of the gospel in ways they can relate and understand. Great job team!!!

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Anonymous said...

What an inspiring report, if I had a church in my neighbor hoood like yours when I was a kid, I think it would have been a powerful thing in my life. Bill and Sue, as well as all the volunteers are most blest, I'm sure; when God moves on a heart to serve and we agree, He will not allow us to outwork His blessing. And it is a lot of work! so the blessings are a flowing.
Donch'a think God gives us a glimpse of His love in the twinkle of a child's eye, and the gush of endearment we feel for a total stranger.
Love Dad