Friday, December 02, 2005

Your thoughts exposed...

You do not have to sit outside in the dark.
If, however, you want to look at stars,
you will find the darkness is required.
The stars neither require it nor demand it.
-Annie Dillard
A sword will pierce even your own soul,
To the end that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.
-Luke 2:35
A strange prophesy indeed. Are we really ever prepared for such an experience?
A painful path to gain the purposes of God...a piercing path. The unveiling of the heart is a very important process to God. He uses whatever means necessary to open it up and reveal the truth that hides within. There is something revealed when we see another's soul pierced through. Thoughts of many hearts are exposed. Who is really living and who is really dead. Who will seek to save their life and who will seek to lose it. There are those who run from a public crucifixion and those that will dare stay at the foot of the cross.
There are Peters and John's.
Those who watch from a distance and those who enter into the suffering.
There are also those who run away.
Hearts will be revealed.
I am not sure if you know what it is like to have a sword pierce through your very soul.
I do, now, and it is brutal. I am not sure which part is more painful, the sword or the revealed thoughts of those hearts that you thought you knew.

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