Tuesday, December 26, 2006

self portrait

Originally uploaded by ericblauer.
This is one of the gifts I gave my wife LeeElla for Christmas...a self portrait done in pencil and charcoal.
It comes from one of her favorite pictures of me that was taken at a friends pool. We had taken the kids there on a hot afternoon and were having a grand old time. This came out amazingly well considering faces are real difficult for me to do at this point. I was pleased.


Anonymous said...

It captures your devious look that you sport from time to time ;)
Great job, babe - thank you...I love it! - LeeElla

FCB said...

Their is something eerie about this painting?
Definetly interesting, maybe it adds so much age to your face and as LeeElla says, devious; cool.

Matt said...

That doesn't look real at all! You might practice a bit more before you start hanging them in public...