Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The vampire strikes back

the vampire strikes back
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You dont know the power of the darkside...

This blasted pestilence keeps descending on my poor little flesh. This time everything didn't expand like a small volcano thank God. But instead it just looks like I got tagged with some lead in the hood. I guess that is what I will tell people...I got these in a drive by.

Or...there's an urban vampire on the loose that has some nasty meth eaten fangs that after he get infected.


Todd Bacon said...

Dude.. I think I'd have to move.

Anonymous said...

Or hire the most expensive essterminator in town... :-/

Unknown said...

These actually are not bites...they are some bacterial infection or something that I have nto been able to kick.
It may have been started by the bite or its just some vile thing that has hit me.

I am thinking I better bathe more than once a month now. I was saving so much money though.... ;)