Friday, February 29, 2008

The public pastor...

This is my spot. I sit here when I am alone in one of my favorite cafes in East Central, it's called The SereniTea Global Caffe. It's located right on East Sprague, in a rough part of town that is working hard at rising out of the seediness of her past and claim a stake in the ongoing development that is taking place around Spokane. I sit here and look out at the dirty street, the asian market, the toothless people that straggle by, the women that seem too old for how young they are. I listen to the chatter of the mentally challenged that live in the apartments above...I love this place and these people, some I now call friends. This is one of my offices, as a mobile missionary, a public pastor, a city saint...I've talked about Jesus here, movies, tea, street fairs and refugees, children, business, art and writing. This is why I carry a be where life is happening. A table for a desk, a cell phone for a secretary, walking shoes instead of dress shoes. Replacing the office with a coffee shop was one of the best steps missionally I have ever taken. I bring friends here to support the hard path of carving out a good business in an area that needs people to dream and do. I sit, drink loose tea, some of the finest here in Spokane and dream God's dreams and often get to share them too.

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