Friday, February 22, 2008

Prayers for the dead....answered.

One of the brothers in our church that is in recovery, ran into a woman I wrote about in the below post. He was at an NA meeting the other night and she shared how she is now clean and sober for over a year, has a baby and is doing much better. I remember that day and hearing that prayer and some strong words from some brothers in recovery, "saved her life" as she put it....made my day.
God is Good. I pray we see more and more women like her, saved, delivered and healed in this neighborhood.

Becoming prayer for the damned


Anonymous said...

I was there. She was not particularly coherent. The interaction/interchange was not earth-shattering in any way. To think God would use that seemingly innocuous moment in such a powerful way blows me away.

Unknown said...

God used Ed and Danno in a way that did impact her, the prayers lifted, the words shared, the act of kindness is taking her to where she wanted to go...all part of His plan. God is amazing.