Sunday, July 09, 2006

Our first visitor...

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I think this woman came to our new house yesterday...well, probably not her, but you never know, Meth makes all women it rapes look like this.

She stumbled up to our house, drenched in water or sweat, barefoot, wide eyed, dazed and confused for sure, mumbling that she wanted a drink of water. She kept yanking up her white pants that kept wanting to fall down. She paced around in circles like a dog in a cage.

I went inside to get her water, she kept saying she was having a bad trip...that was an understatement for sure...she had gotten on the wrong train.

I gave her a cup of cold water, she drank some, handed it back to me and walked off with her hands waving in the air and saying someone was trying to kill her. How right she was...

I tossed the left over water out into the grass and as I did, I noticed her watch me do it. In a split second I felt action seemed to picture the disdain she felt...tossed aside, cast out, abhorred like a dirty diaper. I wish I wouldn't have done that.

Some say God punishes us for our sin...but we really slit our own throats.

Your own wickedness will chasten and correct you. -Jeremiah 2:19

My first visitor was a meth addict...what a culture shock...welcome to the neighborhood...I wonder if it was Jesus stopping by to welcome us.


Anonymous said...

Hah! I remember trudging up a mountain inside Burma and wondering where the landmines were that could blow my leg off, I was warned not to step off the trail even to pee. And wondering if my pack was going to keep gettting heavier and heavier, if the rain would stop, constantly looking down to pull leaches off my legs and at least a weeks walk out, wondering why I wanted to be there... We must be careful what we ask for! ~Matt

MaryMGlynn said...

Eric this is so wierd, because just last week I was sitting here working on HAIN stuff and I was getting ready to get up to make lunch. I noticed someone walk up to my door and knock. I opened it and to my suprise was a little old lady. She said something to me and at the very moment I knew it was Jesus in human clothes. She said I was walking down the road and I am thirsty and need a place to rest and drink. I had never seen this woman before but my heart urged to let her in. I invited her in my home and noticed she wasn't carring a bag or anything. She sat quietly on my couch and watched the news. We asked her where she was from and she told us. Then my mom asked her what she was doing in Oregon and she said I am going where the Lord Jesus was leading her. I am not kidding but she looked like the spitting image of mother Theresa but in different clothes. I sat there as soon as she started talking about going where God is telling her to go. And in my mind I was praising Jesus for sending someone our way and I was happy I listened to Him, to let her in.
Thank you for posting this and reminding me! You know when she was in the living room it caused me to look at my heart and think about things I haven't in a long time. Things I need to work on. The Lord blessed me for sure!-Cousin Mary

FCB said...

I feel left out! I want someone to come to my door. When I think about it they may have and I think I was watching TV or something and ran them off grumbling about solicitors. Hmmmm.
There was one opportunity I didn't pass up on; it was at the park on fourth of July, we had nine family members together and we were playing T Ball. I noticed two boys about 10 or 12 watching intently, so I asked them if they wanted to play, they launched into action.
Turns out they were brothers from Somalia and there is no Xbox, computer games where they lived, but they could play ball! They ran like the wind and were a joy to have playing with us. Broad smiles and eager faces. Simple thing, a bit of kindness, but sates the soul.
Love Dad