Friday, March 05, 2010

Holy Spirit or....complete deception...

Yes, the...Jesters of Jesus Juice...are hitting the streets of the 3rd world...see thier Leper kissing action here

My favorite under the influence of "holy ghost" Quotes:

"Shoobie Doobie Boobie Juice" -John Crowder

"Shangy Bangy...Shing Ding Ding...Shucka"
-Ben Dunn

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric....Steve Eayrs here, in case you don't know. I know John and Lilly Crowder quite well, they lived here for over ten years, got married here, and have a passion for Jesus. I don't always agree with everything they do, but know they are not false teachers. They have a heart to people healed, saved, delivered more than most, and yes get a little goofy at times but as serious about things of the Kingdom. John is actually quite well read, good Bible background, and I think you would enjoy a book he wrote....think its called "The New Mystics". Yes....they will challenge any religious mindsets, but so do you.....(-: In a good way of course.