Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seattle Trip Highlights: WWE Smack Down

For Micah's birthday present this year, we bought him and a friend and I, tickets to WWE Smack Down Wrestling Event that took place yesterday in Seattle. We only bought him this for his birthday, so we could go all out and make it a trip to remember....WWE did not disappoint! It's great having kids that have different interests, and Micah is all alone in his Wrestling this trip was perfect for just him....and boy was he was in heaven.
This is the line....yes, the Key Arena is that little red sign way in the distance...and we were not even the end of the line...
Inside we discovered we had nailed perfect seats...just above the floor, so the boys could see over heads when people stood and situated between the main Show entrance and the you got all the action, drama, lights and exploding pyrotechnics!
Micah and Chevy saw a ton of their favorite Superstars....this was "Big Show" and needless to say...He's Big...and he kinda looks like least that's what Micah kept quipping.
The Explosions...were deafening...I kept cowering like a little girl...Im not sure Micah was to cool with that....but he kept warning me when he thought there was something that was going to make Dad pee himself.
We had a great view...but the screen captured everything you couldn't see. Over amazing event and that Micah, Chevy and I, will always remember.

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FCB said...

Ha! What fun! I'll bet you all had a great time, a little boy's dream!
Wish I could have been there for that one. Mr. "Big Show" dwarfs the announcer, sheesh!
Love Dad