Thursday, March 11, 2010

Theo-ology or Theo-poetics?

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Unknown said...

There are four theopoetic oscillations or themes:

   1. Theopoetics is not theology-as-usual nor is it "not theology." It rhythmically destabilizes the certainties of traditional theological inquiry

   2. God-talk is mindful of its own edge, e.g., the unspeakable vs. the word, or between silence and language itself. Process theopoetics is the steady work of auto-deconstruction: the critique of abstractions in order to keep discourse vibrant and relevant.

   3. This discourse occurs in a space between theopoetics and theopolitics. Poiesis is the making of something that previously did not exist, a creative practice. It is an action, a poem.

   4. Theopoetics is not just involved with theology-as-method, but also with the Logos of scripture. There is a multiplicity of oscillations waiting to be unleashed. Theopoetics is in one sense polyphilia: the love of and for multiplicity

                        adapted from:
                                        --Catherine Keller
                                    Process Conversations: 3/3/06