Friday, September 09, 2005

LOL...ouch, Poor Mr. President is getting slammed on all sides. I voted for him and think he is doing so so. This picture made me laugh, it captures a lot of peoples feelings about the seemingly slow response to the hurricane.(thanks P for the pic)
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Chris said...

Its been intersting to see the responses to this catastrophe. I like much of the country am dissapinted with Bush's personal and official response to Katrina, but I've been also surpised to see what whiners the left can really be! I am usually in the chorus so I don't hear what it sounds like.

But, I must say, most people who are angry at Bush now are have been angry for some time, but have had stand on that couldn't be beat into the ground by the right wing radio crowd. It has been building for his entire presidency, one that seems to neglect the poor and working and do favors for the very rich.

But the Christian is in a tough position on this whole political playground. Bush is definately aligned more with the pharasies than the outcasts in his politics, but he is standing his ground on the big Issues of our time. Then we ought to stand behind him?

I heard a very interesting comment on a good radio show called Left, Right, and Center ( a few weeks ago. A commentator said that the big secret of this whole presidency and rep. agenda is that abortion will NEVER be made illegal. They, even if they had to power to do so, would not go through with the policy, because it would have negative reprecussions on society, this commentator felt. But, they have marshalled the incredible power (votes) of the Chrisitans in America to get behind them. It makes one feel used...

p.s. no hard feelings for the verification system... my word was 'xolnuwe'

Anonymous said...

I think any attack on the presidency, especially one like this, is simply someone's attempt at pushing their own agenda and has no real basis. They have no idea what anyone is really doing, they just want to attack it. To even consider that our President doesn't care is just plain ridiculous from the start.

It's a terror attack, plain and simple. They want to get some emotion out of you, for better or for worse. Don't feed the trolls.

Chris said...

Let's just assume our Glorious Leader the president actually made a mistake in his reign. Is there a valid way to question and challenge his leadership, or can Bush really do no wrong?

Does having the right view on abortion and homosexuality cover an abundance of sins?

Those issues in the minds of many that Bush has errored on for most of his leadership are:

1. Financial irresponisbility
2. Lack of follow throurgh on key programs
3. The war, lying about the war, and the way it is being conducted
4. Several other points of doubt that made be construed as lies or not, but have gone largely unaddressed
5. Weak skills in diplomacy in dealing with the rest of the world through some very difficult times

These are serious greviences that many in this country and around the world are concerned about. Unfortunately, yet as always, political reform is an uphill battle, and many feel like it is impossible to even voice dissenting opinions against the current administration without being accused of 'hating america'. So, when there is a documentable, very public blunder made by the president, many of these people are hanging not only current, but years of anger now on one single event. Is it irresponsibleof the dissenters? perhaps. Is is deserved of Bush? perhaphs.

All I know is that this storm blew open a political soup much like the toxic waters that now cover New Orleans.

How does a Christian respond to political turmoil? That is was I am trying to understand now and ever... All I can tell is that clear reasoning, peace-making, and a constant care for the poor, the widowed, the homeless are all important things to value. Lord help up!

Anonymous said...

How does a Christian respond? We don't. It's not our place. Politics are the desperate attempts at controlling a people. They are the last stand, the final attempt at curbing the immoral society we live in. That is not a Christian's calling.

The root of everything politic is people, and we as Christians are here to speak to the people. Change their hearts and you change their minds. By the time we need to create a new law for something in this nation, it's already too late. People are already committing the crime, that's why we have to make the law. Why are they committing this crime? Why weren't they taught not to? Those are the answers we should look at.

Anonymous said...

To point out all the blunders of one man trying to run an ENTIRE country (yes, financial, military & diplomacy matters alike) is like pointing out the number of times someone trips in a 3-legged race. How can we, who were called to pray for our leaders even when we don't agree with them, sit in our living or computer rooms, being fed by this right wing media with God-only-knows what percentage of the truth, and all of a sudden come out experts on the issues of global-America?

It's like questioning God. I don't know the inter-workings of the government any more than I know the inter-workings of God's mind. Do we honestly think that Bush and his administration don't care about the well-being of their people? Things go on that we will never know or understand, no matter how much we think we do, and I would hope that instead of placing the blame for such a broad spectrum on one man (Bush doesn't run this country alone), that we would humble ourselves to the point of truth - What do you know as FACT, and what are suppositions?

Don't get me wrong; I would love to spout off the horn about a number of issues today, but I need to remind myself that I have a responsibility with my words, we all do. Use them wisely, let's educate ourselves with God's Word, then we'll know how to respond to today's events.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I meant left-wing media...

Chris said...

whoa, Bush and God are VERY different things.

We are suppose to question our leaders, especially when its documented that they have a habit of lying to us.

There are a lot of people in government, and a lot of spin from both sides in the media, but the man at the top has a say in how things flow, and things aren't flowing great. Why should I stand by and be quiet in this situation? I certainly respect the office, and I would never wish that amount of responsibility on even my worst enemies. But I have a very difficult time accepting the consistency of what I view as incompetent leadership that I've lived through over the past five years. Presidential politics are really of little concern to me, except that Bush has so rubbed me the wrong way, even when I gave him my vote in the frist election. Oh well, this can go on forever, I guess you know what I think, and I hope you know why I think it. (hopefully you don't think that satan made me this way!)

Unknown said...

Well,,,Chris has 5 letters and so does satan...soooooo...

Anonymous said...

That man at the top can be vetoed by the judiciary system and denied by congress. The government machine isn't made any faster with a president, no matter who he is. Blame the system, not the man.

Your issues seem to be with how this government functions in itself, not the people who run it. There is no government on this planet that works perfect, not even close. Nobody is willing to do it the right way.

Chris said...

Eric - hehehehehe

Justin, you are right not note how foolish it would be to expect perfection from a man or from a system. We are fallen, and systems oppress.
We stive and maybe things get better, for a little bit, or maybe a flood is held back for another day.
Can we aspire to more in this life?

Anonymous said...

This country is what it is. The system was built and this is how it works. There are huge flaws in the system, in every part, but that's not something we can fix. We can't fix it because this country is full of complainers who would riot if we tried to make the system better, and riot now because we don't.

This country is falling apart, it won't last another 100 years. Every single topic of political debate lacks the one thing this nation has needed, morality.

Chris, you want to argue about our leader lying about the war? I'll tell you this, who really cares? We went in and took out Saddam. The people of Iraq absolutely hated him, he was a horrible dictator. Forget everything else, just think about that. Would you take it back? Would you let those people suffer? That's the only thing that should matter to you.

Let all the tree-hugging peace-loving hippie fools say what they want, they don't care about our soldiers or Iraq. They just want a reason to protest. Don't be like them.

As far as questioning our leaders, I can't see the point here. You aren't questioning our leader, you are arguing on a blog. Unless your sitting next to him, you aren't questioning him. And besides, is this your nation? It's not mine, I'm a citizen somewhere else. Bush isn't my leader.

Unknown said...

First of all, then, I urge that entreaties, and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. -1 Timothy 2:1-2

I think this verse is the best place or the "first" place to start.

Justin you sound a tad bit fiesty this morning :) You didn't even throw poor ol Chris a bone for lifting a little olive branch in recognition of your thoughts.

I appreciate all thoughts expressed and thank everyone for sharing them and will hope that everyone will seek maintain the bond of peace as we tear out each others throats... ;)

I send you happy thoughts from this patriot, USA, my home away from home.

Signed, a tree-hugging peace-loving hippie fool.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Eric, you make me lol, literally!

Yes, Chris, we can and should aspire to more in this life where possible. I yam where I yam, so I'll do what I can (the man said BAM with a fan in his hand?) with what's been given me - the freedoms that we have in this country, the right to vote, to speak out, and simply my place in life and the people I influence.

Yes, Eric, we need to hear each other and be wise in our reactions and words, sometimes just agreeing to disagree.

I hope that no matter our views on "the system", or this country that "won't last another 100 years" (as Justin so fatalistically put it:), that we would unite in a common goal. Take the Bush Senior / Clinton example. Even if it is for PR, their joining together during times of crisis is a great lead to follow.

Speaking of, did anyone see Clinton on The Morning Show with Katie Couric? He was fantastic! I was impressed by his boldness, because this would be his oppurtunity to win more fans out of the Bush-haters.

When asked about the correlation between the preparation for Katrina vs. other terrorist attacks, he said that there was no link. He looked at the camera and made very clear that prepartion for a natural disaster is far different than readiness for a terrorist attack, and that it's important to understand that. And I can't fully remember what he said about the leadership, but it was to the effect that, given the situation, they were doing all they could.

It was a convincing argument simply because it came from someone not in the White House, and from someone who had been through 8 years of Presidency and understood the struggles that come with it. Then, of course, he brought up the tax issues that he would change if he were President, but that's an entirely new topic:)