Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crowbar Massage 2.0

Crowbar Massage is going to get an upgrade to the new 2.0 version.
A softer, more gentle touch is ahead.
A more agreeable, less confrontational, more palatable experience for
A more compassionate conservatism without all the meanness.
A site that is family friendly, kind of a Wiggles for adults.
A controversy free zone where everyone can indulge in cyber hugs.

I am going to be the incarnation of Mr. Rogers and this will be your
friendly Internet neighborhood. So take off your combat boots and slip
on a ochre yellow sweater, grab a little tea and lets chat.

Forget the crowbar, we all need a massage with tender and loving
hands, with sweet flute music to accompany our journey towards a more
harmonized and homogenized loving community.

A fresh breeze of spiritual sunshine is dawning upon this new middle
of the road meadow.
A place to hold hands and sing-along to the latest soft rock with
A kind of cyber commune where we can get in touch with our inner child
and share openly with tissues close at hand.
Somewhere you can just be you...because you are smart enough, and good
enough and because by golly, I like you.

So you can leave your apprehension at the door.
Drop your guard this is a house of healing, a respite in the
complicated world of opinions.
We are going to drive off that naughty little person who stirs up the
waters and embrace a culture of conformity, niceness and neutral

Please turn off that angry Keith Green music and grab your Precious
Moments Bible and your Test-a-Mints and get down to some good ol

Ummmmmm....well...maybe, maybe not.

Is this seriously what is wanted out there?
I can't tell you how disappointed I am with all of this.

My spirit wept this morning as I was running at the YWCA listening to
secular music.
This is the cry that rang out of my guts:
"Where is the Lord God of Elijah?"
The troubler of Israel as Ahab called him.

I guess I STAND ALONE as Godsmack says.

I hear all your critiques, corrections, rebukes and wise counsel and I
appreciate it.
We all need correction, we all need accountability, we all need to see
the impact and weight of our words.
Thank you for all the meetings, the phone calls, the emails and the
comments. I will prayerfully apply the Lord's wisdom to the continual
unfolding of who I am becoming. I sincerely mean that.


I must confess, I feel like Job....a lot of words, accusations, etc
but in the end I feel no one really understands.
But so be it.

If the subject is important to any one out there that was to afraid to
say anything, there is a book that you might want to read that says
everything I have been trying to say without all my angst. It is called
"Why men HATE going to church by David Murrow. Read it and you will get
a little more insight into my frustration and conclusions. And NO I
didn't read the book then post about it, my thoughts came before I got
the book. It is refresing to know that someone out there feels the same
way and chose to write a book about it. Thank you David for having the
guts to say what needs to be said no matter what the cost. I admire you
for that and your book was a God send at a very critical moment.



Michael McMullen said...

I for one think you're a fine man, Eric Blauer. I won't always agree with what you say, but hey, at least you're willing to say something.

Peace brother. We can all grow from this.

Anonymous said...

I think that this whole thing is very unfortunate, I know many of you out there think Way to go Eric stir things up, it gets people thinking! But to be honest I think in this situation the opposite has happened. Pasture Eric I think the heart of what your saying is true and needs to be addressed but I think some of your wording might have tainted your heart. I love you and many others love you for how you are, and what you typed in this post isn't and never will be how you are. No one is asking you to change~ I hope that good will come from all of this! I am not sure all of us are willing to fight for unity, even if we dont see eye to eye on some issues!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and in 2.1 you can start ramping up again until finally in 2.9 you can ask important questions again. Then in 3 we go back to niceties...

I am annoyed too by the degendering. My family jewels have worth! I could protect you someday! Say a lion jumps out, or someone with a knife. I'll save you then. Please, let me keep them, I promise to use them for good purpose...