Sunday, February 19, 2006

A valiant man of Kabzeel...

Then Benaiah the son of Jehoiada the son of a valiant man of Kabzeel,
who had done mighty deeds, killed two lion-like heroes of Moab.
-2 Samuel 23:20

Lion-like heroes.

I love that phrase.

Sure they were the enemy but they were heroes nonetheless to someone.
One persons hero is another persons enemy but heroism is still heroism and ones opponents can recognize and celebrate heroism no matter who it is in.

Lion-like...the scriptures say that the righteous are as bold as a lion.

It's funny if you watch male lions in the wild, they are pretty lazy looking fellas. They lay around most of the time and actually the female lions do most of the hunting and raising the cubs. They often don't really act like Kings of wild. If you were to judge them by most of their behavior you would not see the true beastliness of their nature.

Until they get ticked off or really hungry or protective of their pride.

Then look out, you will see a behemoth of a beast unleashed. A mighty roar that will peel the skin of courage right off your soul. They will rise up and shake their mammoth mane with the swagger of Samson. They will unveil a jaw full of bone crushing fangs that will make a grown man pee his pants!

The sound of their breath and the pounding of their paws in pursuit will make the ground tremble and all courage drain out of your veins.

But the righteous are as bold...or at least they used to be known as such.

Where are the lion-like heroes today?

Tamed, caged and too civilized I fear.

I want to be known as: a valiant man of Kabzeel...or Spokane.

Lion-like, a hero in the things that matter.

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Anonymous said...

The things you seek and crave will come soon enough brother. Right now is the time of lazy abandon in the wild of the world. Soon it will be time for our fierceness, but not yet.