Thursday, February 09, 2006

You must pin to win...

What you are tomorrow, you are becoming today.

I think this quote applies to so many dimensions of life. It's a basic
law that what you sow, you will reap and Paul warns us in the same
verse to not be deceived about this principle of truth. God won't be
mocked concerning it. It is true and solid and you can build upon it
with the confidence that you will not be disappointed because God won't
be mocked.
So what are you sowing?

What are you becoming today?

Tomorrows vision won't come about without today's action.

By putting off the work that needs to be done today, you are simply
pushing your dream farther out into the future. You will only apprehend
what you comprehend needs to be accomplished now.

You KNOW what is your NOW...but only you can activate the faith needed
to begin creating that reality through the means God has given you. He
wouldn't inspire you and not give you the tools to begin in some way
with that spark of passion.

If you can see it, than you can be it.

But the dream will fight you.

Like Jacob wrestling the angel, you will have to fight for the
blessing. Your dream is the antagonist and you must pin it to win it.
Or like Joshua on the edge of his first conquest at Jericho. You always
encounter God with a sword drawn. You can't win without a fight. When
Joshua asked if the "man" was for him or his adversaries the man said:

Because the dream is God's not ours. We are called to embody His dream
for our lives and in order to become that, we have to fight to live it.
We want God to give us our dreams and He calls us to wrestle for them.
They will frustrate you, they will test you, they will hurt you and
break you and make you walk with a limp.

The dream of God is the very anvil that your life will be hammered out
It is designed to shape you and that process requires fire and many,
many mighty blows.

So go ahead, dare to dream but then dare to begin to live the dream.

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