Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple iphone

I wantssss itsssss...my preciousssssssss!!!


Matt said...

And for what some people make in a year we can own our very very own. It will be ours... we can take it everywhere and touch it and put it on our face and blah blah blah...

Unknown said...

Funny coming from someone who uses cutting edge tech for all kinds of good. A tool like this that can reduce multipule gadgets into one small one is amazing and the uses will be countless. This small computer that runs OSX has so many uses I cant even count. Lets not curse the very hand that feeds us....especially as we communicate via email, on laptops...over oceans.

Matt said...

I see technology as a necessary evil and I try to keep the ring off my finger.

Todd Bacon said...

It's a toy and it's a pretty tough row to hoe to convince me otherwise. =o)

Anonymous said...

Nope... not for me I'm afraid. I'm holding out for the comeback of rotary dial phones.
Underated to say the least.

Oh, and Beta format video tapes.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting comments already. I'm in the same boat as Eric in that I loooooove gadgets and want new ones all the time (I'm still fawning over the Zune). But my wife and I have been reading "Money, Possessions and Eternity" by Randy Alcorn and even though we've just finished Chapter 1, I can already tell that my love of gadgetry is doomed. My spare cash shouldn't always be looked at as a way to finance my vice.

My pastor always makes a funny (in that uncomfortable kind of way) analogy for the men in the congregation... "Most of you men, if I threw down a computer manual in front of you, you'd read it and know how to do pretty much anything you wanted to on that computer in just a few hours. But ask you to read your Bible and be intimately familiar with it...then the excuses start..."


FCB said...

Interesting topic, and one that has gone on in every generation since Adam.
As for me, I live on a budget, put away some for fun, after I have met my obligations and duties, and then let my concience be my guide.
Call me foolish, but with the demands of life, if I have nothing to look forward to I almost lose the will to live.
With that being said, having been influenced by Mother Teresa, who turned off the electricity in her church service when reading wasn't necessary, I probably beat myself up as much as anyone regarding luxuries.
One thing is for sure, autos, TVs, phones, air conditioning, furnaces,travel, dining out, computers, designer labels, eat up far more money than most new technology items. Getting down to basics in this culture is no small task.
Good luck.