Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kicking Hitler's butt...

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I've been a bit quiet lately because I have been traveling. I've been in the deserts of North Africa, the country sides of France, the beaches of Normandy, in various cities of Italy and Russia, and pumping lead on the streets of germany...all on a mission to destroy Hitler's Nazi's.

I've completed Call of Duty 1 & 2 and am currently making my way through Call of Duty 3, all on Xbox.

What an experience...dropping bombs out of B-52's, taking down planes with huge anti-aircraft guns, being chased by german tanks through narrow European streets, door to door fighting in bombed out villages, trench warfare, driving jeeps like a madman under air and enemy gun fire...on and on it goes. What a history lesson too! It's an inspiring game to see, hear and experience WW2 in a limited but engaging way.

It givens me a greater appreciation of the old marine songs my grand pa used to sing to me while we would drive in his pickup.

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