Monday, January 22, 2007

Time Bandits

time bandits
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Time Bandits
Terry Gilliam, director (you know, Monty Python...)
John Cleese as Robin Hood, Sean Connery as King Agamemnonand and a bunch of midgets or little people, I am not sure what it PC these days. You have to love a movie that has also got God (the supreme being) and the Devil, a minotaur, a puppet loving Napoleon, a man eating Ogre with a bad back, plastic covered furniture, a ship wearing giant, the sinking Titanic, a condescending Robin hood in a ridiculously large green hat. A story that actually tackles some spiritual themes like: free will, God vs the devil, serving God or self, materialism and fatherhood. I am including this movie in my growing collection for our upcoming Faith and Film events. It's a little slow at the start but gets rolling and ends up being a pretty unique and creative movie.

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