Monday, January 22, 2007

trees...I love.

Frozen in a moment
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This is my favorite tree around our new home. I was walking under it and looked up and the way the snow and ice had formed mesmerized me and I had to capture that moment before it thawed. I think I will try to paint it.

I've had a lot of favorite trees at every home. In fact, as I think about it...I love trees. At my last house there was the one is front that would turn fiery red in the fall. There was the little Japanese maple that hovered over my small waterfall I made in my backyard. And there was the hunched over tree with velvet needles that was home to our tire swing. All of them were friends. I remember many looking back through my life. I can still smell some, feel some and can even hear a few if I am still enough. The rough and pungent Junipers in Bend Oregon, the weeping willow at my mom's uncle Dales in Idaho, whose boughs I would always try to swing on. The tall and majestic evergreens at my grandmothers house that always swayed so softly and smelled warm and fragrant. The giant tree in Tangent whose limbs I walked on way before there was that Crouching Tiger movie. Oh such priceless treasures.


Team Thomas said...

Finally I found you!!!! It's been great reading through you blog some! Jenn

Anonymous said...

Awww that made me sigh out loud, how sweet!

Anonymous said...

Yes...I am a tree hugger myself. Some of my favorite subjects to shoot for photos are trees, usually in the company of water. - LeeElla