Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow, grace and comfort...

it's snowing again
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I love the way snow covers everything.
It's a picture of grace for sure.
When it gently falls from the sky,
quietly erasing everything and making everything new.
It's a wonder every-time I see it.

I needed it yesterday. Someone from our past said some stuff to LeeElla that wounded her, yet again...and made me flash back to a famous picture of Johnny Cash.
Such moments are part of the journey but people can be so hurtful with their words.

But the snow fell...again.

God hears our hearts and He heard mine yesterday. As I was standing up on the neighborhood sledding hill, I heard something else.
A single mom who lives on our street was sledding too. She has many hardships but is doing her best to raise her son and figure out life. She is sweet, in fact she came by the other night with cinnamon rolls for our family...that kind of sweet. But out of the blue she looks at the ground and says:

"I am glad you guys moved into the neighborhood, I feel connected now and have people I know I can call...not just my mom. I feel a part of a group now".

It was priceless and so from the heart. Those were words she spoke but I heard the Lord whispering through them to us.
Moments like those are tender encouragement's from a God who is listening and knows what we need.
I am grateful for His comfort.


Matt said...

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. -Psalm 23

And while in this case they may be white pastures, the same none the less. What a great sled hill He gave you all! That is awsome! Someday soon.

Let not your peace be in the tongues of men; for whether they interpret well or ill you are not therefore another man. -Kempis

Anonymous said...

wow, that is special and encouraging.