Saturday, January 13, 2007

a simple act...


FCB said...

I'm sitting here misty eyed after watching that. I replayed it for Carissa and she loved it and wanted to do the same thing. I can just imagine Mother Teresa rejoicing over this small but profound act of love. In a complicated world with so much buzz, to see this simple jesture restores your faith in humanity.
Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating Eric. Interesting how the government got scared and tried to make him stop in the same way that the teachings of Christ scared the religious leaders at the time and they tried to stop Him.
In some ways we haven't progressed all that much in 2000 years... maybe even digressed.
Thanks for sharing that.


Anonymous said...

hmm, well our dsl is not the fastest so the video stalled every 8 seconds. That kinda ruined it. I'm taking an intercultural communication class online. It is interesting to learn about cultural norms around the world. The amount of physical touch people think is apropriate or comfortable is broadly defined by a large group (America) but differs a lot within smaller people group units within. complex

Hmm...I definately would be the person walking by. I would not want to hug a complete stranger. Especially a guy and one that looks like a hippy. I would hug a stranger if it was a clean old lady with a cute flower hat on...maybe.