Friday, March 07, 2008

Boobie-FREE Barristers...please?

I must confess I prefer a man to make my cup of Joe.

No, I am not gay.
I'm not a woman hater.
I don't have repressed baggage because of my mommy issues.
I'm all for equal rights.
I'm cool as someone living in Washington State to have two women senators, a woman for a Governor and woman for our Mayor and potentially a woman for President.

I just hate...yes, I said HATE...getting my cup of coffee and smelling perfume or scented hand creme all over the stinking cup.

I can't enjoy the smell of coffee which is one of the main reasons I enjoy it...because these women have to lather themselves like a buttered ham on Thanksgiving with all the latest manufactured body stink. So please...if you pour coffee for the public, remember that we come to purchase a latte...not an olfactory assault by a ludicrously lathered lady barrister.
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