Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The hammers fell...

Five hundred years ago, when asked the motivation for a particular sculpture, Michelangelo replied, "I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free.

With the warmer weather finally approaching, I am able to begin my spring time project. Carving. I picked up some tools and found where I can get the wood I want. Now I am going to convert my painting area into a chopping, cutting, hammering and chiseling work area. I got a good new lighting bar in my studio area and with a little spring cleaning and mice hunting I should be ready to create. I've been itching to explore carving...with wood and then with my real artistic fantasy...stone. I want to hammer rock and fashion stone...i've worked a little with wood in the past. So let hammers fall...I might just have to grow my beard out for this season...how can I wield such earth shaping instruments with a clean face??? So if you wander by you might hear the sound track of LOTR playing, metal striking rock, the fragrance of fresh cut wood filling the air...ahhh the glorious return of spring.

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Anonymous said...

Just don't cut anything off or in half, cause that's exactly what I'd do. First hour, first trip to the ER.