Tuesday, March 18, 2008


LeeElla and I saw this last weekend. I loved it. Yes, it's about a teen that gets pregnant and all that comes with that is in it...typical teen life. But the themes that were dealt with in this movie were brilliantly handled. Abortion, adoption, marriage, maturity, friendship, blended family issues, divorce and the prospect of real love. This is a movie that emerges out of a postmodern reality. It's our world. This is where we live today. It's a honest look at the complexity and hope of finding something true in the midst of all the chaos. I laughed so many times.
When the father said He wanted to punch the boy father in the wennie...I died. Been there.


Michael McMullen said...

In my best Napoleon Dynamite voice "Lucky!". I've been wanting to see that one. The previews had me laughing more than some of the movies it played before.

joey said...

my wife and i both loved this movie!
i especially loved how the Christian girl persuaded juno not to have an abortion just by saying "do you know your baby has fingernails?!?" :D