Friday, November 06, 2009

Alan Hirsch....The Forgotten Ways.

The Jacob's Well Barber Shop Quartet (Jim, Mike, Dan and I...don't ask, you wouldn't understand, trust me) attended 'Mission Movements' a day seminar with Alan Hirsch, sponsored by New Community Church and Ecclesia Spokane-(our emerging leader-pastor cohort). It was part of a collaborative church plant/church planter training program a group of us local pastors are dreaming together about. The goal being...creating a local church and extra-local ministry training path for new missional endeavors in Spokane and beyond.

Alan did a bang up job on giving 6 key elements that must be present to see mission impact and true organic church life grow and explode...or as he says..."The Boom Factor". We engaged a ton of content that dealt with theology, ecclesiology and missiology....great stuff!

Afterwards a group of us headed to the Steam-Plant Grill for beers and a chance to unpack the conversations and material. I had the privialge of meeting some new co-laborers, paticularrly Paul, lead brother at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

I find myself continuing to bless God for His wonderful body of churches and leaders in Spokane. I deeply treasure my pastor friends and the churches they serve. I have never had such a bond with a group of men and women developing across denominational and generational lines. The richness, diversity and giftedness is truly special to be part of. Learning from, leaning on and laughing with those who you not only call co-laborers a gift. Spokane is a good place to be part of the Body of Christ.

Finding people to journey with that you understand, believe in and trust is so rare. The folks in this co-hort are real, transparent, human, fun to be around and void of that pastoral pompous pea-cocking that so often accompanies most "pastor thingies". This is the first group of leaders that have approached "doing stuff" first by "being together". The emerging works in the future are going to come from true developing relationships...not just "project based, cause related or event tethered"" relationships. Being known...not just being used to accomplish one of the gifts the emerging generations have recovered and offer to all who have gone before and who are coming after. I praise God for the generations.

Here is Alan, giving a intro to the material we covered.


wes said...

Great pic. I'm reminded of "The Three Tenors".

Darin said...

Anyway to download the whole session?