Monday, November 09, 2009

AXIOM....Missional Church Planter Training Initiative

Axiom: is a new "equipping and spiritual formation" pathway for Local Church/Missional Initiatives. A inter-church cooperative to help train potential church planters and mission minded believers. Spawned through Eccelsia Spokane (check us out on Facebook): an emerging leaders Pastor relational network and in a forming partnership with Forge, Christian Associates International and local churches; we are currently bringing together a group of people to begin this equipping pathway.

Our meeting with Alan Hirsch ( last week, was the initial bush whacking, to stir up potential planters/leaders and continues through the Fall/Winter season with 6 more open gatherings for general mission minded people; who desire a foundation in missional movements and ministry. Then we will continuing next year with a closed program with a year long curriculum, local church apprenticeship and extra local training.

Many of the current churches involved have teams and/or individuals, who are being prepared or are already launching/rooting/ gathering or on the ground doing the work of first stage church plants and/or M.I.. We hope this work will help them be more successful, fruitful and equipped to fulfill the Lord's call and work in this city, region and beyond.

Our dreams and plans are centered around nurturing a co-operative missional environment that is supportive and apostolically generative for new works to emerge. All within a non-competitive, relational network of likeminded, gospel-centric, missionally motivated churches.

In the end...our prayer is that new works will emerge, existing churches will become reproductive and the Kingdom of God will deepen, explode and expand through evangelism and disciple making fruitfulness.

Jon in the movement of mission if you are longing to partner with people of like mind and heart and see new missional initiatives emerge in Spokane and beyond.

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Monty Galloway said...

bush wacked...that's about how I felt.