Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christian anarchist...

The dictionary definition of a Christian is one who follows Christ; kind, kindly, Christ-like. Anarchism is voluntary cooperation for good, with the right of secession. A Christian anarchist is therefore one who turns the other cheek, overturns the tables of the moneychangers, and does not need a cop to tell him how to behave. A Christian anarchist does not depend upon bullets or ballots to achieve his ideal; he achieves that ideal daily by the One-Man Revolution with which he faces a decadent, confused, and dying world". -Ammon Hennacy

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Andy said...

Great quote Eric. I get some weird looks when I have defined myself and my interaction with the government, specifically why I don't vote, as a Christian anarchist.

By definition, Christ was an anarchist. He was willing to give to Caesar what was Caesar's (to cooperate), but held to the "right of secession" if a pharisee (or a Roman soldier, or Caesar himself) forces him to act contrary to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Isn't that how we should interact with this world? With love and cooperation unless it violates the beliefs of "the simple way."