Monday, December 21, 2009

Songs From The Bottom Of The Well

We enjoyed an amazing rendition of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" in our 4th Advent Sunday celebration Sunday morning from Sam, Marisa, TJ, Jeff and well as a original Christmas song written by LeeElla and played by the band. These are definite tracks for the proposed upcoming Jacob's Well CD project "Songs From The Bottom Of The Well" which should be awesome! We have been blessed with an amazing worship director (LeeElla) and 3 Worship leaders(Spencer, marisa and Dave); each one has their own unique gifts, heart, skill and commitment to being an expression of worship in music and song. As pastors who have always been passionate about music and worship in song...having such an amazing team of musicians, song writers and Jesus worshippers is a tremendous gift.Being an expression of Kingdom song from Earth to Heaven...and from Heaven to Earth is a high calling. We are grateful for a team of varying ages and skill development...older training and equipping the younger and the younger carrying the torch and voice for the emerging generations.

Together we are embodying the Advent truth pictured in the story of Elizabeth and Mary...both pregnant with the supernatural work of God...both celebrating, prophesying together of His coming kingdom that first arrives within us and then is born from us. The breaking of the generational curse of Malachi, the Father against Son and Son against Father reality is instead replaced with reconciliation and empowerment....the hearts of both are turned towards one another.

And like Mary and Elizabeth...we live with one another and for each other...not in agitation and frustration unity, humble self-expression and mutual support and blessing. The Kingdom principle of diminishment as at work.
I decrease so He might's not a loss of place...but an enlargement of influence and glory.

It's a beautiful thing to witness unfolding.

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