Friday, December 18, 2009

Moses & Jesus....

Not sure how much time I will have on Sunday to get into much of this stuff...but here are a few notes from my sermon prep on the "Messiah" that Simeon prophesied about in Luke 2:21-40. Israel was looking for a deliverer..a Savior like unto Moses. He did indeed come...and the similarities were amazing...yet, many failed to see and understand the "Exodus" He brought about...and that misunderstanding still exists today. May His kingdom come and His will be done...on Earth and its done in Heaven.

Both were protected from blood spilling child murders.

Both came into and out of Egypt.

Both confronted an oppressive empire.

Both were workers of miracles.

Both were opposed by religious priests.

Moses brought judgement on Egypt but salvation to Israel.

Jesus offered salvation to all....and will judge all.

Moses brought curses...Jesus brought life.

Both brought about the death of firstborns.

Both received treasures.

Both led an exodus.

Both brought new laws from a mountain.

Both instituted a sacrificial system of blood.

Both bring judgment.

Both led people into the wilderness.

Both baptized people through water.

Both brought food to those who couldn't feed themselves.

Both had their authority & teaching challenged by their own followers.

Both led people to the promised land.

Both men died and had followers who would continue the journey without them

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